Autism Spectrum Disorder and Homeopathy

Alternative Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder“For success in science and art a dash of autism is essential.”  —Hans Asperger

In recent years, homeopathy has earned a great reputation for its ability to help those on the autistic spectrum.  More and more parents of autistic children are turning to homeopathy for help, and often with inspiring results.

Autism is considered to be a spectrum disorder (ASD) as the symptoms and severity vary from individual to individual; the mild form is called Asperger’s Syndrome.  The disorder is characterized by the underdevelopment of communicative language or social skills.  Individuals on the autistic spectrum show motor and other skills far beyond those of other developmentally challenged people, and sometimes possess abilities that go beyond those of developmentally average people.

Some people with ASD develop extreme talents, for example in mathematics.  Sometimes people with ASD will have a particular preoccupation with a certain objects such as televisions or lights, or they may have a fear of particular things as well.  These idiosyncrasies can be very useful in the process of homeopathic treatment.

There is no single prescription for chronic ailments in homeopathy, since every person’s experience of their disease is unique.   As a result, ten different autistic patients will most likely end up getting ten different remedies, each one being the best match for the whole person, or the ‘totality of symptoms’.  It is the job of the homeopath to find the remedy that best fits each case.

The first visit with a homeopath involves a very careful case-taking.  The homeopath will observe the patient, taking note of all of the symptoms that relate to the autistic condition, as well as those that relate to the person as a whole, such as sleep, eating habits, sweat patterns, physical symptoms, behaviour, and personality. Sometimes the homeopath will do extra case analysis following the visit, or, the homeopathic remedy will be given on the spot. Follow-up appointments are needed to assess the results and keep the patient moving in a curative direction. It is important to note that this kind of individualized treatment is fundamental to the effective practice of homeopathy for chronic ailments.

Homeopathic treatment is gaining popularity all over the world, especially in cases of ASD. Clinical experience shows that results are much better when the treatment is started at an earlier age, but even older children can show remarkable improvement with the benefit of a well-chosen remedy.  You can read more about homeopathy and ASD in-depth in Amy Lansky’s book: Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy.  Please also see my webpage of Resources for more useful links to clinical trials and case examples.

Kerry Walker, Classical Homeopath



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