Impatiens: For Anxiety, Agitation and Restlessness

Natural and Homeopathic Remedy for Anxiety and Restlessness
Impatiens is Used as a Flower Remedy for Anxiety and Agitation with Restlessness

Impatiens: This little flower can be found in gardens and pots everywhere during the summer months. Despite its quiet demeanor, it has great value as a flower remedy. For anyone who has trouble with restlessness, anxiety, and agitation, it can really help to calm the nerves. Use it in situations like long distance travel, before auditions or important events, especially where there is a need to move about in order to relieve. I have used it myself many times for joint discomfort with accompanying restlessness. Like many medicinal plants, its name gives a clue to its use as it is a great remedy for impatience and being unable to sit still.

You can find the flower remedy in many health food stores.  Simply follow the instructions for dosing.  Flower remedies are extremely gentle and beautiful medicines.

Kerry Walker, Homeopath 647-781-4861,,


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