Homeopathic Relief from Insect Bites

Natural Insect Repellant
Natural Insect Repellent

If insect bites are bugging you, here are some great homeopathic options for relief!

Apis:  Made from the stinger of a bee, Apis is indicated for bites that are puffed up and swollen, red, hot, and relieved by cold. There may be painful stinging accompanied by itching.  Apis is the main remedy for anaphylaxis, whether it is from an insect bites or otherwise, so people who are very allergic may want to carry it with them.

Ledum:  Is indicated for bites and any kind of puncture wound.  The leading indication for this remedy is a cold feeling of the affected part that is relieved by cold applications; the part may also turn a bluish colour.

Urtica Urens:  For bright red blotches or hives with violent itching and a crawling sensation on the skin. This remedy can be useful in insect allergies, and allergies in general, when the reaction is to break out in hives.

Staphysagria: Historically used as a parasiticide, this remedy can be excellent for the prevention of mosquito and other bites. Try it when camping, or in any situation where bites are imminent.  For this purpose, you can try it in a very low potency like a 6X and repeat everycouple of hours while exposed.



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