Banish Those Little Red Bumps – Sweet Almond Oil for Keratosis Pilaris

Sweet Almond Oil: Natural Treatment for Keratosis Pilaris
Natural Treatment for Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis Pilaris (a.k.a. little red bumps on the back of the arms and elsewhere) is a condition often caused by a deficiency of Vitamin A.  The skin is the last part of the body to receive available nutrients which is why, for many people, deficiencies will show here first.  Consider the outer sign as a message from your body and increase the amount of Vitamin A in your diet by making use of paprika, chile, red peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, or dried apricots, just to name a few.

A particular trick of the trade is to apply a vitamin-rich natural oil such as Sweet Almond Oil.  This will certainly deliver the vitamins the skin needs with no intermediary, and if your case of Keratosis Pilaris is due to a deficiency, you will see healthier, smoother skin within about two weeks.  Why buy moisturizing beauty creams that are often made from petroleum byproducts when nature has provided us with beautiful, rich, raw oils?  Once you start to see the potential of natural oils, you will be a convert for life.

To read more about homeopathy for healthy skin, please visit my page on Skin Health.

Kerry Walker, Classical Homeopath



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