What happens during a Homeopathic Consultation? What happens after the first visit?

Three bottles of homeopathy globules and healthy herbs.
What happens during a Homeopathic Consultation?  What happens after the first visit?
The term homeopathy means ‘similar suffering’.  The fundamental tenet is that a substance which can cause a certain set of symptoms can be used to treat those same symptoms. The philosophy is that like can cure like, as opposed to conventional Western medicine, or ‘allopathy’ which adheres more to the idea of treating symptoms with substances that cause an opposite reaction.    
Taking down the information about a clients particular symptom set, allows the homeopath to choose the best medicine, based on the individual’s specific symptoms and personal level of health. With homeopathy, we are treating each person as an individual to encourage healing which is in line, or parallel to, the body’s own attempts at cure.
The first visit will take approximately 1.5 hours and involves a very careful case-taking.  It is important to note that this kind of individualized treatment is fundamental to the effective practice of homeopathy for chronic ailments.  We need to discuss the symptoms that relate to your chief complaints, as well as those that relate to you as a whole, such as sleep and eating habits, sweat patterns, physical symptoms, behaviour, and personality.  We will go over your personal history, taking note of events that may have influenced the balance of your health.  Many people find that there were times in their life after which they were never quite the same.  In homeopathy we call this the “never well since” condition.
A homeopathic remedy that is tailored to your precise requirements will be prescribed on the basis of the initial consult.  Sometimes I will do extra case analysis following the visit, and before prescribing, if I feel it would be beneficial.  When we meet for your first follow-up, we can assess the results of the initial prescription and then adjust the medicine to keep you moving in a curative direction.  Homeopathic treatment follows the prompting of your own healing vitality so we must always be aware for any new (or old) signs and symptoms that are revealing themselves.
Even after amelioration of the chief complaint, many people find it beneficial to come back in for “tune-up” visits once or twice a year.  Homeopathy works very well as a preventative medicine, and this is where our focus needs to be if we wish to cultivate an optimum state of health and happiness.  

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