Natural Options for Arthritis Sufferers

Homeopathy for Arthritis and Inflammation
Homeopathy for Arthritis and Inflammation

Arthritis is not just a disease of older people – it can affect people and animals of all ages.  The word “arthritis” literally means “joint inflammation”.  Given such a general designation, it is no wonder that the term refers to a number of different conditions.  Different types of arthritis have different symptoms that range in severity from person to person.

For example, Osteoarthritis does not generally cause any symptoms outside the joint whereas other conditions such as gout or psoriatic arthritis can include fatigue, fever, and rashes. Inflammation is a natural reaction to disease or injury and usually includes swelling, pain, stiffness, tenderness, redness and a feeling of warmth.  If the condition persists or recurs for a very long time, tissue damage or structural changes such as arthritic nodules can occur.

Allopathic treatment of arthritis is dependent on the type of arthritis present and may require a referral to a rheumatologist.  Conventional treatments include physical therapy, splinting, cold-pack application, paraffin wax dips, anti-inflammatory medications, immune-altering medications, and surgical operations.

Homeopathy provides a great alternative for sufferers of arthritis.  Not only do we seek to address the pain and limitations of the condition but we seek to heal the source of the inflammation and boost the body’s overall vital reactions.  Where the possibility of  harsh treatments like immunosuppressive drugs or surgery loom, it makes sense to try homeopathic treatment first as it is non-invasive, gentle, and effective.

The precise homeopathic prescription depends on a careful case-taking.  In arthritis cases, we need to know what kind of pain the person is in, whether it is aching or sharp, burning or bruised.  We need to know if the condition responds to hot or cold therapies such as bathing or compresses, as well as what time of day the person feels the discomfort the most.  Mental and emotional reactions to the condition are also of paramount importance as people deal with pain in different ways.  A good homeopathic prescription will reflect these individual variations.

 Along with constitutional homeopathic treatment, dietary adjustments can be beneficial.  A high quality fish oil such as krill or wild salmon, can do wonders for inflammations of all sorts, and can help to expedite the healing process.   Avoiding inflammatory foods, adding anti-inflammatory foods, and investigating the possibility of food allergies are also wise considerations for sufferers of arthritis.


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